Invigorate Aliveness

The compass dimensions resemble a pattern of six life principles. If people attend to these dimensions, they enhance the collaboration competencies of all actors and contribute to aliveness and vitality in human systems. The result is a better functioning of collaboration.

Diagnosing and planning with the compass creates life-enhancing properties and invigorates the human competencies for better co-creation.

Build Your Competencies to Lead Collectively

Open Your Compass and navigate complex change by leading collectively

What is unique about the Collective Leadership Compass ?

  1. A navigating framework that integrates all systemic levels of collaborative change.
  2. A patterned guiding structure that invigorates self-organized improvement of co-creation.
  3. A tool that combines rational decision-making with intuitive sense making.
  4. A dynamic model resembling evolutionary change patterns from nature.
  5. An appreciative approach that invigorates existing human competencies.

Levels Of Compass Application

collaborative change-maker

Identify your collaboration competency pattern, strengthen your leadership for better co-creation, increase your impact in navigating complex change

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Identify collaboration patterns, plan collective action, increase collaborative impact

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Identify system patterns, engage in collective sense making, plan collective action, invigorate system vitality and resilience.

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Enhance your effectiveness as collaborative change-maker

  1. Enhance individual collective leadership capabilities for better co-creation.
  2. Learn how best to lead in conjunction with others.
  3. Increase self-efficacy in sustainability leadership.

The attention to patterns will sharpen your skills to choose what is appropriate for your particular point of development. It will empower you to observe joint impact and the effect of human competencies that we hold and enact.

Open Your Compass and navigate complex change by leading collectively

In well-functioning Collaboration Systems, stakeholders bring in concerns, interests and expertise. They also learn from one another and identify key challenges. They articulate goals together and, drawing on their complementary roles, strengths and agility, they realize their shared vision.

Paying attention to the six dimensions of the Collective Leadership Compass helps build multi-stakeholder initiatives and collaborative action groups. If making collaboration successful is seen as a collective task, everybody becomes a guardian of the quality of interaction and the achievement of results.

Open Your Compass and navigate complex change by leading collectively

Scale impact through dynamic transformation networks

  1. Engage wide range of actors in sense making diagnosis and solution finding around sustainability issues.
  2. Enhance system′s vitality and resilience.
  3. Invigorate constructively co-creative and new narratives for sustainability.

We have built societies in which competition is in the forefront. However people feel invigorated when they experience how much we are as humankind together in the evolutionary process. Helping each other move forward towards sustainability makes us feel more alive. Successful collaboration grows with invigorated human competencies, and leads to collective impact and large-scale transformation.

Open Your Compass and navigate complex change by leading collectively