Contextuality means exploring the larger context and placing our collaborative change initiatives within it. This can start as a simple stakeholder mapping and it can grow into an elaborate diagnosis of intervention patterns that could enhance impact. Understanding the context and its dynamic interaction patterns of institutions, stakeholders, mind-sets and trends, helps us recalibrate our theory of change. Paying attention to how our collaboration effort is embedded in a particular context makes us realize how we can move beyond parallel, isolated, and uncoordinated efforts into our impactful contribution in a complementary transformation system.

What you can do to enhance Contextuality

  1. Observe trends and developments, understand the institutional, social and mental landscape that your are operating in
  2. Attend to patterns of interaction in your team and find more synchronous ways of working together to grow your collective impact
  3. Regularly conduct context analyses and assess the possibilities to link up with change agents that work in different initiatives in the same direction
  4. Build transformation networks and seek meta-collaboration between various change initiatives.

Here are a few questions that help guide us towards Contextuality

  1. How do we keep up-to-date with trends and developments?
  2. How do we cultivate our attention to the pattern of interaction of our team?
  3. How do we ensure that our collaboration initiative is harvesting coordinated efforts for the best possible collective impact?

How does Contextuality show up ?

Considering the larger context; taking a systemic view; observing trends and developments; ability to gain perspective; seeing a broader picture; openness to see multi-level interactions; capturing the essence of something; ability to sense what is needed in a situation; responsiveness to the needs of the larger whole – the organization; cooperation system; society; the world

Tools that further Contextuality

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Mutual Support can create magic if we help each other living up to our potential – as individuals, collaborative groups, initiatives, organizations, or even countries. Acknowledging each persons and each stakeholder’s potential to contribute to impact empowers and strengthens delivery capacity. This leads to the realization that our contribution becomes more successful if other people’s contributions are also delivered with high quality. When we begin to empower others, we notice that mutual support is serving us, the other - and the larger impact.

What you can do to enhance Mutual Support

  1. See yourself as a connector of people’s potential in a greater movement towards sustainability
  2. In multi-stakeholder collaborations, offer each other help in convincing your institutions to stay in the process and travel the path together toward joint success

Here are a few questions that help guide us towards Mutual Support

  1. When you consciously look at supporting others on their journey, what results do you observe over time?
  2. How does our team cultivate mutual support and what effect does it have?
  3. What are three examples of strengthening each other’s contribution in our collaboration initiative?

How does Mutual Support show up ?

Appreciation; giving and receiving support; enhancing one’s own and others’ strengths; offering help and contributing knowledge and expertise; encouraging self-organization; attention to energy levels; attention to one’s own vitality; contributing to others’ vitality; seeing deeper connections; ability to renew in places of beauty; feeling connected with a deeper life force

Tools that further Mutual Support

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Contribution is an orientation towards positive impact that seeks tangible results. It means being inspired by purpose and meaning, while shifting from the questions “What is in it for us?” to the questions “How can we best contribute?”. The passion to contribute creates energy because it focuses attention. It organizes life, creates order in our collaboration journey, and attracts people and opportunities. If we gain clarity in what way we can contribute to a situation or more broadly to a sustainable world with our skills, assets, competencies and resources, we gain the strength to follow through.

What you can do to enhance Contribution

  1. Reconnect with your dreams, your potential, and your intention to make a difference
  2. Refocus your team, your organization or your collaboration initiative on purpose

Here are a few questions that help guide us towards Contribution

  1. What is your form of serving people and/or a larger goal?
  2. What is the larger context of your team’s or organization’s contribution?
  3. How do you reconnect with the purpose of your collaboration initiative?

How does Contribution show up ?

Being inspired by meaning; focusing on purpose; balancing success with significance; wanting to make a difference; knowing one’s strength; pursuing one’s special contribution; following a calling; attention to one’s potential; refining one’s own, team’s, organization’s, or system’s contribution to a sustainable world; focusing on the common good

Tools that further Contribution

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