Process Quality in collaboration processes hinges on step-by-step engagement of stakeholders, sufficient care-taking of all relevant actors and communication designs that help people own the vision of the future. Transformative change needs to go beyond organizing events. Instead, it needs to gradually build collaboration systems between multiple actors that can deliver the envisaged change.

What you can do to enhance Process Quality

  1. Acknowledge that human beings need care-taking and attention
  2. Structure processes that build containers for change and grow them into communities for change
  3. Start in small groups and gradually involve more and more people

Here are a few questions that help guide us towards Process Quality

  1. What must somebody do to successfully engage you?
  2. When does our team engage - both with each other and with our goal?
  3. If we look at our collaboration initiative, what are the indicators for a high level of engagement amongst key actors?

How does Process Quality show up ?

Step-by-step structured engagement; clarity of roadmap; reliability of process planning; transparency; authentic involvement of different stakeholders; attention to process; understanding interest groups; care-taking; attention to needs and concerns; trust building; relationship building; high quality process architectures; high quality communication

Tools that further Process Quality

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Connectivity is a driver of change. Transforming our world toward sustainability requires shifts in behavior, thinking and action. This can only happen through networks of meaningful relationships that are a cornerstone for better co-creation. Connectivity nourishes the human sense of belonging and invigorates the desire to contribute.

What you can do to enhance Connectivity

  1. Acknowledge the world as a web of relationships that need to be appreciated and enhanced
  2. Foster intentional networks around issues of common concern
  3. Connect with other leaders who drive similar change

Here are a few questions that help guide us towards Connectivity

  1. How did my most stable and fruitful professional relationships come about?
  2. If we drew a map of your team's network connections - what would it show?
  3. How would we rate the cohesion of our wider network of collaborating stakeholders on a scale between 1 and 10?

How does Connectivity show up ?

Creation of network connections; relationship building; connection of different actors; cohesion building; fostering identification; container building; community building; seeing coherence; building tribes

Tools that further Connectivity

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Collective Action happens when a group of cross-sector, cross-institutional or cross-departmental actors drive implementation jointly and deliver change around a common objective. People feel energized when joint action leads to visible outcomes. Patience and persistence help sustain collaboration efforts. Getting things done together and focusing on tangible results cuts through complexity and builds impact.

What you can do to enhance Collective Action

  1. Co-design initiatives and plan interventions jointly
  2. Involve stakeholders in analysing the situation
  3. Focus on the first easily achievable successes
  4. Create ‘prototype’ - examples of envisaged results, reflect and reiterate
  5. Celebrate success, no matter if small or big

Here are a few questions that help guide us towards Collective Action

  1. Remember a situation where Collective Action for a positive cause worked - what was present?
  2. What is the most successful collaboration habit of our team?
  3. How can we prototype small wins that help stakeholders see progress?

How does Collective Action show up ?

Alignment for joint implementation; delivery of results; fostering collective responsibility; fostering agreements; consensus-building; cultivating ownership; attention to collective impact; celebration of success; result-orientation; focus on outcomes; reaching agreements; joint implementation of agreements; creation of functioning delivery structures; governance structures; and coordination.

Tools that further Collective Action

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