The Future of Leadership is Collective


People who lead collectively take care of the future and turn crises into opportunities.

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The Compass is anchored in successful multi-stakeholder collaboration and deep dives into living systems theory.

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Diagnosing and planning with the compass invigorates human competencies for better co-creation.

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The Collaboration Journey

We invite you to join the collaboration journey and become part of a community of collaborative change-makers. Utilize the wisdom of the six dimensions of the Collective Leadership Compass. It will train your collaboration muscles, ease complex processes, revive the spirit of working together, strengthen your leadership capacity, improve the culture of your organization, and encourage your team to co-create futures that enhance aliveness.


The Future of Leadership is Collective

Our world needs transformation towards sustainability and a re-orientation towards human reverence for humanity’s participation as a conscious actor in an interconnected self-regulating natural system that is called the world. We need to bring the HOW of leadership and the WHAT FOR together and become partners of evolution. Leading transformative change never takes place in isolation. It is always the purposeful collective endeavor of stewarding transformation towards sustainability across and beyond institutional boundaries.

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Course is right for you

Our Education programmes in Stakeholder Dialogues and Collective Leadership integrate knowledge building, personal mastery and the actual work reality of participants.

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Read our Book on Collective Leadership
for Sustainability

The Art of Leading Collectively – Co-Creating a Sustainable,  Socially Just Future: A guide to collaborative impact for leaders in industry, government and social change networks.

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Get inspired by our
World Wide Collective Leadership Projects

We empower people to lead collectively towards a sustainable future with the mission to support, build competence, and invigorate networks for responsible business, people-oriented public service, and a strong civil society.

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